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Large Balls

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Hi all,

New to forum.

I have quite a weird situation. I am 30 years old and recently migrated from the UK to Asia with a complete change in climate. I have always generally had sort of big balls but within the last few months I have since had quite a worrying increase in size, length and even the amount of sperm produced. For the benefit of this post and measured my balls and they actually hang at nearly 6 inches. Not only length but also the size of each testical has increased. I am quite lucky as my penis size is above average and doesnt look terrible with my balls but this is quite embarassing as now sex with my wife is quite difficult and also always paranoid in the changing room at my local gym. Apart from that i cant seem to wear loose underwear as they just dangle and hurt after a while.

Now i know there probably isnt anything I can do about this but i am just wondering if anyone as had something similar happen to them ?

Also has anyone got an ideas how i could maybe get back to normal ? Eat different things or do something different.
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replied November 22nd, 2012
Did you check with a doctor
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