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Lansoprazole 15mg vs 30mg effectiveness?

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I've just been to the doctors but stupidly I said my last dose of Lanzoprazole was 15mg instead of the usual 30mg I get.

I'm wondering if I should go back and get a 30mg script?

How effective is a 28 day course of 15mg compared to the 30mg?

This attack isn't half as bad as my last one so I'm wondering if 15mg will be sufficient?

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replied February 8th, 2012
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It depends on what your main symptoms are and why you are using Lansoprazole.

If it is only to reduce your feeling of heartburn and 15mg is working for you, fine. If it's not working, double up on your tablets: taking 2 x 15mg is the same as taking 1 x 30mg.

30mg is considered the high, attack, dose and 15mg the low, maintenance, dose.

However, if you have been diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus, you may be best advised to remain on 30mg to quell silent reflux.
Barrett's cells are less sensitive to pain yet if they are still attacked by acid, there is the possibility this could cause the cellular change to pre-cancerous dysplasia.

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