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Laminectomy L4/L5 to remove cyst and bone spurs

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8 weeks ago I had a laminectomy to remove a synovial cyst and clean out the area around L4/l5. I had been experiencing pain from my knee down through my heal and foot. After the surgery the pain has gone from my leg and most of my foot. I still have some numbness around my ankle and when I exercise on the treadmill, my foot seems to go to sleep.
My surgeon says the nerves will heal in time and these problems will go away. Is there anything I can do to help the healing process?

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replied February 4th, 2009
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Only time will heal nerves. It can take as long as 2 years for the pain to completely abate from healing.

It might be a good idea to slow down on the treadmill for a bit and see if that relieves a bit of the pain.
You might also want to try some ice.

Have you done any physical therapy? If not, you might want to ask your spine surgeon about getting an order for physical therapy.

Learning proper core strengthening is very important after spinal surgery, and also learning proper body mechanics as well.

A well trained physical therapist can show you the proper exercises to do, be sure you are doing them correctly and set you up with a home program to follow.

Once one has had spine surgery, proper core strengthening is part of your daily life in exercises for the rest of you life.

Good luck

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