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Lactation fetish

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Hi, my boyfriend and I share a lactation fetish, it's something that has excited me for a long time and now with him I would love to bring the fetish into action. But I have no idea the best way to go about it, what tools to use, etc.
I've googled til my fingers hurt about it and found some information about breasts pumps and certain medication that can be used. I've found adult toy shops that sell nipple pumps but I have no idea if they will help to induce lactation? What I really want to know is what are the best methods and tools to reach my goal?
Any advice, tip or even websites to look at would be awesome.
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First Helper Linga

replied February 12th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Linga, Lactation is caused by pregnancy hormones at the right time in your pregnancy. I am not so sure that anything else can cause milk to form and you to lactate. The pumps sold in sex shops are not for making you start to lactate without being pregnant.
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replied March 24th, 2010
Google induced lactation.

It is fully possible for a woman to start lactating without having been pregnant first. Though it requires commitment from both you and your partner.

Lactation can be induced by enough stimulation over a prolonged time. Have your boyfriend nurse on you (both sides) for ten to twenty minutes two or three times a day (regular intervals so that your body "learns" when the milk is needed) and you should start producing small amounts of milk which will, with enough stimulation (your boyfriend nursing) will gradually increase.

As with inducing lactation, stopping it is also a gradual process, all you need to do is stop having your boyfriend nurse on you and it will eventually stop.

Be weary though, you will need to use a padded bra and some women, when they hear a baby cry, will spontaneously give off milk, soaking their shirts. Can make for some rather uncomfortable situations to try and explain why you are lactating without having a baby. Wink
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replied August 2nd, 2011
Lucky, lucky boyfriend!
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replied January 1st, 2012
Want To Be Milky
Domperidone has been used successfully in Canada and other areas of the world, and has significantly fewer side effects than Reglan. It has been approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics for use in breastfeeding mothers, and has been given Lactation Risk Category L1 ("safest") in the 2010 edition of Medications and Mothers' Milk. It is not available in the U.S. because the FDA issued a warning against it in 2004. See the links below for more info.

Sulpiride is commonly used in various countries including Zimbabwe, South Africa and Chile. The primary use for sulpiride is for schizophrenia (it is an antipsychotic and antidepressant), but it also increases serum prolactin levels and thus can enhance breast milk yield.
Progesterone to develope breast tissue
mothers love fenugreek
blessed thistle
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replied May 6th, 2015
I'm still lactating from my pregnancy over 7 years ago. I keep it up with breast pumping 4 times a day. My boyfriend will nurse on my breasts during intercourse and this helps greatly. It's also great for his health and he loves the way they look when they get full.
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replied July 8th, 2015
A lot of couple practice this erotic fantasy. And the internet is full with information about it. I induced lactation can be done by regular sucking, massage & hand expression. But you guys have to be very dedicated about it.

You can use a few ordinary medicines along with to speed up the system. The most common & useful medicines are 'Domperidone' & Contraceptive Pills(without estrogen)
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replied November 5th, 2015
I'm in my late 50's now, single, had a hysterectomy in my youth. For a long time, I've wanted to lactate for the pure joy of it and I've finally decided to start my journey. I will be doing this alone, unless I happen upon someone to help :)and already, after a few days, I feel my wrists are hurting! I can manage 3-4 hand sessions a day in front of the mirror and visualizing the milk spurting but I will probably have to invest in a good pump.
Just writing to let you know that there are all sorts of people out there wanting milking breasts Smile
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replied October 7th, 2017
How to induce Lactation in non-pregnant women
I am from a medical background and i think i maybe of help to you.Firstly, you have to understand the physiology behind lactation.

Lactation commonly occurs after delivery. What happens during your pregnancy is that your body starts secreting high levels of a hormone called 'Estrogen' to maintain pregnancy and also helps in development of breasts i.e the canal system.This is why you notice the enlargement of breast and darkening of aerola during pregnancy.
As soon as the baby is delivered, a sharp fall in Estrogen level occurs from peak to almost zero. This triggers your pituitary gland to secrete another hormone called 'Prolactin',as the name suggests it is responsible for lactation and as soon as the nipple is stimulated or suckled by the newborn milk starts ejaculating.

Now this was the physiology in your case what you have to do is to fool your body :
Start taking estrogen for quite sometime and then abruptly stop it. This will trigger your pituitary to start secreting Prolactin , you can also help it by taking Prolactin inducers.

Estrogen : can be available under different brand names depending upon the country you are living in.

Some of Prolactin inducers :
1. Dopamine antagonists (metoclopramide,domperidone)
2. Benzodiazpine analog (etizolam)

Diclaimer : This is purely for education purpose and i wont be held responsible in case of any misshaping.
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