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Lack of pleasure during ejaculation

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Hi I have quite a serious problem in maintaining an erection. I am only 20 years old and have had this problem for nearly 2 years. The problem seems to be mainting the erection long enough to have satisfactry sex. I have never really had a problem attracting girls but have always lost my erection whilst having sex or before anything has even started. This problem is killing me as it is so fustrating not knowing how sex feels when i have the opportunity and also have been scared to commit to a girl relationship wise due to embarrassment.

I have this erection problem when i am masterbating aswell but can manage to ejaculate. However, when i do ejaculate there is no feeling of pleasure or orgasm that i used to feel when i was younger. Is this because the penis is not fully erect when i ejaculate or other reasons??

This is probably completely unconnectioned but i am constant itching aswell all over my body and this has been for the last 3months. i thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

Also i dont believe is due to stress or nerves or anything because everyother part of my life i am very satisfied with.

Thankyou for reading and any advice would be very greatky apprecated

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replied January 25th, 2009
For the problem maintaining an erection, it could be quite a few things. Some men are effected by smoking whether it be tobacco or pot. It could also be caused by medications, or a change in diet. Stress can be a huge factor as well.

For the skin condition, get checked for scabies. It's a very common infection and can be treated with perscribed ointment. Usually Nix dermal cream.
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