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Please can someone help me figure this out? My girlfriend does not like doctors cause she had a bad experience when she was younger. This is the case though, she is always pain whether it is with her legs always being cramped, she has restless leg syndrome as far as i know but she hasnt seen a doctor about it for about 4 years. She also gets cramps in her hands and needs to like crack them too loosen them up, and aswell she gets stomach pains on top of all this at random times. Now we are both 16 years old and young and I have tried too help her or take her too a doctor. I want to know if this is all related some how and I really want to stop her pain, cause it hurts me to know that she is always like that. Can someone please give me some answers Im desperate all I cam through was a lack of iron maybe but im not sure anyone please?
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replied January 2nd, 2009
The thing the doctor is going to do is take her to have a blood test. If she don't like doctors she will certainly not like blood tests.

It can just be a lack of salt or something instead of anaemia which is lack of iron however girls are more likely to have anaemia

so my personal recommendation is that you tell the doctor to do a home visit

If the doctor is the same one as before change the doctor.
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