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lab tests for HBV ?

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I was tested HBV positive last year and went through a complete blood test and ultra-sound. I was told that my
1 AST, ALT was normal,
2. HBeAG was negative, HBeAb was positive
3. HBV DNA was undetectable.
4. ultra-sound was normal.
5. I was possibly infected when I was a child.

Now it is time for me to do semiannual tests. I am wondering what tests I need to do this time. I don't see any reason to do HBsAg again. Help would be appreciated.
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replied June 10th, 2008
It is very important to check your HBs-Ag again. Last year you might had acute B-hepatitis. By checking the HBs-Ag again we can find out if your immune system cleared the virus completely or you have become chronically infected.
You can consult some infectologist about this.
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