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Lab results- I have no clue what they could mean

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For a year now I have been seeing an oncologist. Every time they run a CBC, everything comes back in the normal range. I was sent to see him when my family doctor ruled out anything non-cancerous that could be causing my symptoms. I started with pain in my shin bone, followed by nightsweats, low-grade fevers, fatigue, unintentional weight loss and gain, easy bleeding and bruising, nosebleeds, small red spots under the skin, and enlarged lymphnodes in the neck, armpits and groin. I recently ended up in the er with severe pain in my upper left abdomen, vomiting, diahrea, and general weekness. They drew blood and took a urine sample. The urine was clear of infection, but had blood in it. The blood tests came back clear of infections, but I had high levels of calcium and protien along with a white cell count of 19,300. The doctors got the vomiting under control, gave me pain meds and sent me home without an explination and instructions to see my doctor. I have an appointment on Tuesday, but am hoping to get some idea of what is going on before then.
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