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L5 S1 herniated disc

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I am a 31 year old male who works for a electrical company in NYC, I hurt my back on the job , went for a MRI and found out i had two herniated disc L5 & S1. I had the worst leg pain and drop foot on my right side, I went for a laminectomy done in 2009 and responded good, the leg pain was gone and so was the drop foot, i went back to work and was much more careful, But about a month ago i bent down the wrong way and i got a server back pain. I can not stand up straight i walk crooked. I don't have any leg pain or drop foot, but bad back pain. it has'nt gotten better or worse, When i had the laminectomy done in 2009 the doctor seemed to think in the future i would need a spinal fusion. I can barley walk with out being hunchted over. Being i don't have any leg pain i am not sure what i should do, Any advice? has anyone on this board had a spinal fusion, i have heard stories of bad and good, any advice will help thanks.

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replied November 9th, 2011
Make a report of this injury to your work and get back to a Doctor. Sounds like you may have injured another joint higher up. If a fusion is necessary, don't sweat it. Let a pro handle it as you did before. Fusions are pretty common now and done a lot of times along with a laminectomy.
Good Luck,
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replied March 19th, 2012
same thing happened to my dad, hurt his back and he was walking hunch back for nearly half a year. He went to some chinese accupunturist/accupressurist (refered by friend) only one session and was walking normally thr very next day! really weird.
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replied March 20th, 2012
Herniated Disc
Hope your back is on the mend. I had IDD Therapy spinal decompression in the UK, it's non-surgical and as it's in America you might find someone who does it. Good luck. Caroline
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