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L4L5 spine fusion recovery time

Next week at this time I will have gone through a pedicle screw and fusion surgery at the L4L5 level. I have had many surgeries before, but this one has me worried. First of all I am 68 years old, in fairly good health other than muscular dystrophy (CMT) and Peripheral Vascular Disease.
1. What is the normal hospital time after surgery?
2. Do you have to wear the back brace 24x7 including sleep time?
3. What recovery time should I look for before I return to work? I own and operate a residential and commerical mowing and Field mowing company. I do 100% of the tractor mowing and 50% of the finish mowing.
I will be anxious to return to work as soon as possible. I will have to pay some one to take my place while I am out. Times are tuff!
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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