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L4L5 herniated disk

hope you can help me for my friend is suffering for herniated disk.L4L5 problem.the doctor said,both disk are touching each other due to loss of fluid.what can he do to heal his herniated there any chance or medicine or proper food to reproduce a new fluid again between his L4L5 disk.

is there any options aside from surgery to heal this kind of lower back about therapy or exercise?what kind of exercise to heal the about food supplement?is milk ok?or good medicine?my friend is really depressed.please help.

i will wait for the reply

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replied July 20th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
I'm a bit confused by your post.

You first say that the doctor told you that both discs are touching each other do to loss of fluid and you also state that the disc is herniated.

It sounds more like you have misunderstood what the doctor has said, or rather your friend has misunderstood.

Discs herniate for many reasons, and it may not be from loss of fluid in the disc.

if their is total loss of the disc fluid then it is the vertebrae that is rubbing on each other and not the disc.

If there is too much fluid loss from the disc, then there is really nothing that can be done to hydrate them again, even though there are claims from various devices to try to do so. They are really more of a scam then anything else.

If it is just a disc herniation, then conservative measures may solve the problem for your friend and your friend won't need surgery.

If you can provide the info that is on your friend's MRI report, there may be more information that I and others can provide for you.

What type of surgery did your friend's doctor suggest? Has your friend been evaluated by a spine specialist.

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