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kratom- I've taken kratom several times in the past week or so and now I'm having sever stomach pain.
Are these two things related?
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First Helper eninja67

replied October 24th, 2011
moulderkp: Hi Eric here. Yes, Kratom can cause an upset stomach if used for some time. It does have effects on slowing down your digestive track, causing constipation. Try taking it with food. Also would recommend a stool softener, if taking it for an extended period of time.
May I ask why you are taking the Kratom. I myself have started taking it again, to help get off my opiate pain meds. I would like to communicate with other Kratom user's, who are trying to kick the opiate habit.
I have use Kratom in the past, to get off the opiate addiction, and used it for my chronic back pain. Let me know, and I hope this helps. Regards.
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