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Know More Facts About Added Sugar


I just want to share my thoughts about how you can improve your health.

How many grams of sugar per day should you have? It’s a common question that is asked when people are looking to improve their health. We all know we should consume less than we probably are but how much is the right amount?
First, it’s important to distinguish between added sugar and naturally occurring sugars. Of course, a lot of sugars added to our food occur naturally but that’s not what we mean. Instead, think of it as foods that naturally contain sugar and those that have it added (no matter what the source is). Fruits, some vegetables and dairy products already have sugar which we call “naturally occurring sugars” and it’s safe to say that everything else (soda, candy, cereal, etc.) has sugar that has been added. There are even some foods with “hidden sugar”.

The average American consumes 88 grams of added sugar a day which can be as much as two to seven times as much as we should consume in a given day. So, how many grams of sugar should we have in a day? According to the American Heart Association children should only have 12 grams a day, adult women 24 grams and adult men should have no more than 36 grams of added sugar in an entire day.

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replied February 8th, 2012
Hi dale, Thanks for sharing this interesting thoughts. Part of a healthy lifestyle, we should pay attention with the amount of sugar we consume to avoid the bad effect in our body.
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replied May 13th, 2012
They say that sugar is a devil in disguise.. I would agree to that.. However, there are natural sweeteners that are helpful in your body. They came from natural resources and they are very safe to use. It taste the same like sugar and it has low calorie and carbohydrate content. I'm using a natural sweetener named Natvia. It is an amazing stuff.
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