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I feel like I have knots in the bottom of my feet. The front area (I think that is called the arch?) right below where my toes are. Also feel like there is a knot along the sides of the bottom of my feet. I don't recall this happening before, but I guess it could've and I just don't remember. I HAVE been walking a lot more since January 30th (spring semester started). I have been changing shoes back and forth a decent amount (wedges, heels, sneakers, flats). These are the only things I can think of that might affect this. In other matters... I have a bad diet, and lack a lot of vitamins. I know that for a fact. Has anyone had knots in their feet? If I walk for a while they start to hurt, and if I massage my foot I can feel how much they hurt. What can I do? What could this be? Should I soak my feet or something?

Thanks ahead. Shocked
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replied February 21st, 2012
Especially eHealthy

If you can actually feel nodules in the bottom of your feet, you may have plantar fibromas. The only way to know for sure would to have your feet exaimined by a physician.

Otherwise, if it is just sore muscles and other soft tissues, then you can try anything that makes your feet feel better. Change in shoes. Orthotics. Soaking your feet at night. Whatever.

Good luck.
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