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knee Replacements

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Exactly a year ago my father underwent a double knee replacement. He has always been bowlegged and from years of walking on the edge of his knees, the cartiledge was worn completely out. His right knee was the worse and bone was rubbing on bone.

After undergoing a complete knee replacement in both knees, he was admitted into a rehab facility for two weeks. His rehab during this time was extensive.....from hour to 2 hours of rehab, followed by hour and half for each knee on a motion machine. After coming home, his rehab continued in house.

To get down to it.......right after surgery, my father formed a bakers cyst and motion/rehab in his left leg was limited. Until this day, his right knee (originally his worse knee) is perfect. However, his left knee is still swollen and never returned to original size after surgery.

After a fall two weeks ago, a second bakers cyst formed behind his knee. We visited his orthopedic surgeon for a followup and to get x-rays taken to determine if any damage was done. A second test to draw fluid from his knee was performed and once again there was no fluid in the knee. The surgeon would like to perform outpatient surgery to stretch the muscles and break up any scar tissue present.

I am a little skeptical about this all. What if another bakers cyst appears after the procedure and limits the exercises during rehab? Has anyone ever heard of a joint not returning to normal size a year after the surgery?

I know this is a lot of information to process and I hope this made since but i am putting this out there to see if anyone else has experienced this. Thank you for your time!
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