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I work as a waitress / dishwasher for roughly 30 hours per week. I started getting pain in both knees when squating. If I stay squated or sit on a bent leg straightening causes even worse pain. THinking maybe I need to do some knee exercises to straighten my outter thigh muscle I did a little leg lifts (crossed leg and bend at the knee thing) with two pounds of weight and it made my knees ache and my thigh muscles burn. Last year I had a lower lumber disc herniation that still occasionaly gives me buttock and hip pain, so learned to use more knees or bending over. Maybe a simple overuse injury? Start of arthristis? or something else?
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replied November 30th, 2010
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Hi kelleykb and welcome to ehealth: I guess I would be more prone to go with the "start of Arthritis or something else"..However, this depend on your age too.....The cartridge in our knees wears down...With this comes pain and opens the door for Arthritis...I would think rest might help you and stay away from the squatting whenever you can...Take care...

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