My knees turn inwards dramatically and my feet roll inward when I stand with both feet pointing forward. I noticed this when I was 15 and it didn't bother me pain wise that much just every now and then. Now I'm 21 and in school to be a teacher so I have been on my feet more. I have been having pain in my knees, feet and lower back. I also have fluid in my knees the majority of the time but it is worse when they are hurting. I have not been to the doctor yet but plan to see one as soon as this semester ends. I was just nervous the only soulution would be to have surgery to straighten out my knees. From what I could discribe to you what is you opinion?
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replied November 11th, 2009
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They did something similar to this when my husband had one of his knee replacement...They were too bowed in and it made quite a difference in the comfort level of walking for him...Mine, too, have this problem...I know where you are on this...I would check with an Orthopedist to get his thoughts on this...I can tell you this....It will get worse as you age...Take care...

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