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Knee pain [Cause Unknown]

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Well I don't know How it started. On 14th of July I was returning from bank and when I reached home, suddenly pain started on my knees. Then I realize that It is knee joint pain because the pain was from inside and I was unable to locate the location of pain and more on that pain was occurring only when I climb stairs up or get down from stairs and so I consulted nearby private doctor next day and just by taking glance and some symptoms he concluded as *Rheumatoid Arthritis* and put me under high stress, so he gave me medicines and I was taking regular for week but the pain was not responding to this medicines and hence so finally I consulted bone specialist, he was also not sure about what is causing pain and then he told me to get X-Ray and by examining X-Ray, doctors are still unable to find cause. Later by googling I found that there are some pains which goes undetected by X-Ray. Also one more thing I had recently started gyming and was doing bit bit gyming excercises on leg.

Physical Measure:

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 38 KG
Age: 22 years
Occupation: Software Developer [Started working from past 1 month]
Pure Vegetarian.
Never had any injuries on leg or any part of body.
Never had any serious deadly disease.
No diabetes, No acidity problem.
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replied September 11th, 2013
knee treatment :-

> Get some rest. Stress may also be brought about by overworking which could lead to the pain on your knee. You can take time off from work then take a bed rest completely. Usually, the case is that it takes only some rest to cure the pain. A complete rest may be able to take the pain off as the inflamed joints can possibly subside.

> Ice packs and heat pads could be applied over the inflamed area to relieve the pain. If you are not sure which pack to apply, you may contact your doctor.

> Since athletes are exposed to more physical activities, they are more prone into struggling with injuries. Athletes who have a bad knee as a result of an injury can resort into using ligament knee support as it could also help in relieving the pain.

> Try stretching your limbs as these could lessen the pain that you feel. Instead of doing it just once, it is advisable to perform this routine on a daily basis. To get an idea on which physical exercises can help relieve the pain, consult with an orthopedic.

> A knee pain may also be treated with physical therapy. An orthopedic can give you reliable advice on how one can best put the strength back on your knees.

> Finally, drugs might help ease the pain. NSAIDs or Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly prescribed to people who frequently experience knee pain. If you are suffering from a mild knee pain, NSAIDs can be an instantaneous solution but you have to get your physician's advice first.

There are many first aid supplies that you can find online. If you must find supplies to provide support for your knee as well as to manage your pain.
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