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knee pain and swelling, is this arthrits

Im 19 and was an athlete throughout highschool. I played a variety of sports my major ones were xcountry and soccer. i believe this is were my knee problems have come from i have not yet had a diagnosis. It's essential for me to continue being active because of other conditions i have, but everytime i exercise my knees swell and become red and feel really tight like someone is compressing them from the inside. they are also very tender to touch, and extremely painful to move my legs afterwards. My skin is still in a very normal condition. Swelling sometimes doesnt go away for a day or two. Could this be arthritis? or maybe a bursae or IT band problem? suggestions pls?
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replied January 21st, 2011
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Hi asheevasl: My suggestion would be to rest your knees...Take it easy...Could be arthritis or a problem inside...When they swell up it is a sign that they are hurting...When you touch the area and it is hot it means to take it easy...You may want to see an Orthopedist to get his/her thoughts on this...I have lived with a lifetime of bad knees so take care of them...Even though they can be replaced, they are never like the originals...Take care...

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