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Knee locking up after ACL surgery

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This is my 3rd replacement of my acl on my right knee. During the 2nd visit of PT they were doing working my knee and it got straight and locked up. The pain I felt is nothing like I have ever felt before. Now I have to have an MRI done and see what is going on. When it locks up it almost feels like someone shoved a pencil between the knee joint. It takes a little work to get it loose again.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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replied October 31st, 2008
Ok I went and had the MRI completed last night. While I was looking the the CD I can see what looks to be the half of the tibial plateau is broken off. I might not be calling it the correct name but it is the point on the tibia that forms a small triangle that aligns with the femur bone. You can see that the left side is broken and just floating in the knee.
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