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Knee Issue Unexplained, Not gout, not lyme,

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No doctor has been able to figure out what is wrong with my knee and what might have moved to my ankle potentially. I am a 24 year old female.

This all started this July actually on the 4th. I was at my grandparent's house, had taken the bus there, no injury. Previously to this my left knee had been known to click occasionally, but this had endured for 3 years without any pain. Anyway, that night as I was going to sleep I felt that my knee was suddenly very stiff and I had a difficult time bending it. It was no painful, but was a little swollen. Because it was not painful, my aunt said, well it should be fine... So I ignored it, rolled out my thigh muscles with a tennis ball every night and this sensation went away temporarily.

The next time it swelled up was the end of July. I had just spent many days walking around a city on vacation and so I figured that this must just be a muscular thing. It went away after a week.

The following time it swelled up out of surprise and I literally could hardly bend or stretch it as I would. Walking became painful as the back of my knee was now hurting and my hamstrings tightened up. So I went to the doctor. They looked at it, poked around, moved it around and decided that it's not a ligament. They began to question me about other things. So i recalled other strange symptoms I had at the beginning of the swelling.

I recalled that my thumb had gotten very swollen one day. Then that disappeared. Shortly after I developed three welt-like bumps on my back. Shortly after that I had hives on my right shoulder. As the hives were disappearing is when my knee swelled up the first time. Additionally, I had a fever, sore throat, and my lumbar or sacrum hurt quite badly. It was hard for me to move around without feeling some pain. I attributed this originally to feeling stressed that I was moving out of state away from home and then having moved all of my things (that were heavy). This last time I do not think I had a fever or anything, however my neck became quite painful to move around for a short while.

So at the doctor this first time the doctor took my knee fluid to check for crystals and other things like bacteria. They also took an X-ray. Nothing on the x-ray. I gave them my blood to check for Lyme because I had been camping about one week before all of those things started. They said follow up in a week.

In a week, they got the results back. Not gout, not lyme, don't know except my white blood cell count was up. At this point, I had now started feeling some shooting pains around my Achilles and they noticed my ankle was then swollen too. So they ordered more tests this time on the immune variety- Metabolic something or another, thyroid, rheumatoid, etc. In the meantime they gave me anti-biotics anyway just in case and dicloflenac to see if that would help.

So the swelling went down and I was happy about that, feeling more functional. However now my knee is painful to walk on, especially going up and down stairs, and additionally all of the tests they ordered have come back that I am just fine.

In the more longterm, last year I had a strange lung thing where I suddenly developed wheezing and breathing trouble. Went to the doctor, gave me antibiotics and it went away. Other than that I have always been anxious and perhaps overly concerned about my heartbeat around night time, but recognize that it's nothing and I probably had too much coffee that day. So I've been pretty healthy (apart from the 2014/2015 academic year I was sick 12 times.) Additionally I have had tinea versicolor over my torso for the past two years, which I know are associated with immune conditions. No idea if any of the last stuff is related, but just in case you know...

What could this be? Please help! What kind of specialist should I try to see?
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replied November 2nd, 2016
This is still unresolved. More tests- not any stis or strep. Now has moved mostly to ankle. Also now experiencing occasional numbness, tingling, and difficulty moving toes or foot back to shin. Please help.
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