This is an orthopedic question. Going to be as thorough as possible.
1.5 years ago I tore my ACL and lateral and medial meniscus. I had surgery, didn't do much rehab but didn't do that much on it in general for the first year or so. About 6 months ago I started working out on it and rehabbing. It kind of felt odd especially after running and so i would stretch it out and that helped. It felt better and better and i recently decided to try out soccer again. The first 2-3 weeks were great, it was a little sore but not too bad. Fast forward to last night. I was warming up kicking (its my kicking leg) and felt a pop, it felt odd, but my leg felt more loose and a little tingly so I assumed I tore some scar tissue. Then about 5 minutes later, I stopped a ball with my off foot and planted with my surgery leg, and went down immediately from my leg giving out. That was 24 hours ago. I still can't straighten my leg it only bends from 30to60 degrees and hurts real badly when I try to go further or put weight on it close to those limits. It also hurts if I twist my foot inward. The pain is on the inside front of the knee all along the inside edge of the patella. The middle of my hamstring also stings a little but not bad. There is no inflammation and never was. Also I jarred my heel into the ground about 2 weeks after surgery which hurt really bad. Nothing else jarring that I can think of. Could it be my ACL or meniscus rereading? Or something else? I'm really worried about it, but I'm poor and can't afford another doctor
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