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Knee dislocated as I was asleep

My name is Dawn. Im 26 years of age.
Back in mid 2011 - 2012 my left knee dislocated as I was asleep. It was tbe worst pain I had experienced. Ever since then for the next 2 to 3 years I had been uncomfortable and in pain and in fear of it locking up again. Which I relied more on my right leg. I dislike doctors so I did try to avoid it but eventually went and seen a couple.
In 2014 October 6th I had Left Knee Medial Patello-Femoral Ligament Reconstruction done. Ive since been having trouble with bending my knee completely. I did see another orthopedic and got a scan and i was told it showed alot of fluid and a cyst was there and needs key hole surgery. All this time most of my body weight has been leaning on my right leg. My right knee used to hurt some times but recently the pain and discomfort has gotten worse. It feels very loose and almost like its going to 'lock up' any time. I now sleep with pillows under my knee because im scared of them moving. Im also not very active since my last operation in 2014 as ive been given advice by my specialist not to do too much on it. If someone can help with advice! Would be great.
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