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kinda anxious....pregnant?

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Hey all Im starting to get a little I am a week late and no sign of period at all, I have had some cramping but nothing ever comes of it.

I have the copper IUD in so I know the chance of being pregnant is like less than 1% but I still My son is barely 6 months old so it probably wouldnt be the best time. However hubby and I were talking about having our childern sooner than later and him getting a vasectomy...we only want 2. Plus I need surgery to correct my prolaspe from my 1st birth.

Im not reallt looking for an answer to am I pregnant, just kinds venting. It would be so cool if I was though…lol. I would love to have another baby! We will see. I have had extra stress lately resulting in weight loss (im getting healthy now) so that’s probably what its from…still that little hope is in the back of my head…lol

has anyone heard of someone getting pregnant w/the IUD
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replied March 30th, 2009
Hello there, I had a copper IUD for 5 yrs. Never once used any other kind of birth control, and never got pregnant. Well, that I know of.... What I didn't know when I had it inserted is that a copper IUD doesn't prevent fertilization, it makes your uterus soooo unhappy that nothing can implant or stay implanted. For the first year I was really crampy off and on and my period was irregular. So you techinally could have conceived, but the chances of a embryo (or is it zygote?) implanting or sustaining a pregnancy are slim. But the really good news about the copper IUD is that the day you have it removed, you have the same chance of getting pregnant again just as if you never had it. I got pregnant the same month that we started trying after having it removed. So good luck to you. I know you weren't looking for an answer but I rarely come across anybody who's had a copper IUD. so thank you for opening the door and letting me talk!
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