Hi, i went to hospital today after having had an ultrasound as had a kidney infection shortly followed by a urine infection....i've had kidney infections every 6-9 months for about 4 years now... One of the doctors said i'm very young to have (a word i'm not sure of, which the other doctor said this is another name for dialated kidneys), which scared me! I only have pain when i actually have an infection, however this time my kidneys do feel a bit puffy and just slightly uncomfortable to lean on when sitting down, i dont have any blood in my urine or have any problems going to the toilet, i probably go more often if anything. They are sending me to have a VCMG (???), at CT Urogram and another exam where they inject dye into your arm to take pics of my kidneys, and a blood test to test biochemistry - renal and also Haematology - FBC + Diff??? Can anyone put my mind at rest at all....i've stupidly been looking on the internet which has only been making me more scared as to why i'm being sent for these tests or what the possible cause of dialated kidneys could be... If anyone can shed any light or has had this themselves i'd greatly appreciate some advice! Many thanks in advance! luvcomp
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replied January 15th, 2011
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Hi healthyone28 and welcome to ehealth: Nowadays they do all the tests to be able to eliminate things as they go...Years ago when I had my Hysterectomy done, they also did this dye test on me...It's not bad...Doesn't hurt and over quick...Not to worry...It's kind of their getting a picture of any problem that there might be...Take care...

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