I had unprotected sex for like 2 minutes about 3 weeks ago, Of course Im not 100% but im pretty sure the guy was a virgin. About a week later I got a UTI which I am quite prone to anyway, so I self treated with antibiotics. A few days later I had a chunky white discharge with no smell which came and went for about 3 days so I treated myself for thrush with diflucan one. The discharge seemed to turn into normal white discharge without the chunks.
Ten years ago I had an accident which left me with quite a deep scar over my kidney and lately it has felt really tight, not painful just uncomfortable, I rang my sexual health nurse and explained all of this and she believes that maybe my antibiotics were out of date causing all of this.
I am agoraphobic and have a nasty fear of doctors and hospitals, I was just hoping maybe someone might have some ideas as to why im having this tightness, also im due for my period in about six days.
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replied June 22nd, 2009
Well, if it is your kidneys you don't want to fool around with that and risk your life or end up on dialysis. Sometimes we just have to take a deep breath, grab a friend to join you, and go to see the doctor. If necessary take a couple of drives to the doctors office before your appt. and even get out of the car and walk around until you are more comfortable with the though of entering the building. I wish you luck!
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