My father 61 years old.....has been suffering heart disease for about 20 years and diabetes 15 years. About 8 months ago two stones were detected. He has no pain for this. But as detected in the experiment we wanted to crash the stones 3 days before with the help of kidney specialist. But on the operation date anesthesia specialist told that they couldn't do the operation because the patient has serious heart disease. He told that opration may take his life away. He then referred him to a cardiac specialist and told to meet him after 2 months. We(Family members) are in very mentally distorted condition.The thing this....Is there any way to protect the growth of the stones...or is there any medicine which would be appropriate for him to melt the stones and comes out with the urine..........

The report of USG WHOLE ABDOMEN are like this ...(Kidney part)

"Both kidneys are normal in size and position.Bipolar measurement of right kidney is about 101mm and that of left kidney is about 109mm. Two echogenic posterior acoustic shadows are found in the lower pole of right kidney and one in left kidney. A tiny cast is noted in paracortical region of right kidney and cortical region of left kidney.

The report of creatinine and Uric acid.....

Creatinine----------------------- 1.38 mg/dl
Uric acid------------------------- 4.70 mg/dl

The report of I.V.U X-Ray..................(Impression part)

" Multiple stone in right lower pole calyx with caliectasis. Mildly dilated right calyceal system cause of which could not be ascertained"

The report of Electrlytes.....

Sodium(Na)-----------------------------143 .00 mmol/L
Potassium (K)--------------------------- 4.00 mmol/L
Chloride (Cl) ----------------------------106.00 mmol/L
Carbondioxide (CO2) ------------------22.00 mmol/L

The report of fasting blood glucose.....on 3/6/08

Fasting blood glucose----------------- 2.15 mmol/L

The report of Electrocardiogram.................


The report of ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY........

IVST= 07mm LVPWT= 09mm
LVIDd= 73mm LVIDs=61mm
FS=17% LVEF=37%

Impression: Anterior infarction, LV dysfunction

Your co-operation are highly expected. Thank you.
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OK, I am able to read some of this. But, really need to take this whole thing up with his doctor. It really gets me peeved when you are handed results and no one goes over them with you. Demand! And they are right from what I have read. Your dad would not far well for surgery. He probably will have to try and pass those stones on his own. Make sure you ask the doctor about something for pain if that is the case.
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Depends on what kind of stones they are and how big. If they are small enough they will come through and pass with the urine. A lot of people get stones and don't even know it. I'm not saying it isn't serious, but surgery for stones should be a last resort if they are too big. I am not a Dr., but I have kidney disease myself, and I know it can be scary. I wish your family the best.
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