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Kidney Removal - A positve experience

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Hi All,

I'm new here but have been meaning to get on and do something like this for since Febuary!

I suffered from chronic kidney infections for more than 2 years, and in that time the functionality of my left kidney went right down to 4%. This meant i had an organ in my body that was not doing its job, and was actually causing me more pain, trouble, illness and distress than anything.

Anyone who has suffered a particularly bad Kidney infection will know that it is awful! Not just the pain but the sickness, weakness etc aswell.
After being in and out of hospital i finally agreed to have my kidney removed.
It took me over a year to come to this decision - purely because i spent far too much time researching the operation online and everytime i came across a personal experience, it seemed to be that of a horror tale! I couldnt find any positive expereience or anything to help me realise that having my kidney removed is the best thing i could possibly do!

Anyway, i am a huge wimp when it comes to operations - i was dreading it.
Operation day came and after having yet another little sob, all i can remember is counting, then next thing i was awake and in recovery.
The docs and nurses were fantastic, they were so reassuring and made sure that i was happy and comfy as can be.

I can honestly say now that the most pain i was in, was in my shoulders, from where they inflate you with air during the procedure. This went after a couple of days.

The pain on my stomach? I'm not going to lie and say it was fine - because it is very uncomfortable - but its never really 'painful' as such. Just very sore and achy.
I advise you now to try and get up out of bed and move around as much as possible, even if its just moving from your bed to your chair. You'll avoid a telling-off from the doctors and it really will help aid your recovery.
Sleeping was tricky at first, i was worried about lying on the drain tube or my cathatar. When they were removed a couple days after the op, i just felt odd laying down - it felt like you were pulling on the wounds - but again it wasn't painful.

I was feeling very sore and sorry for myself for no more than a week - after this i found myself able to get back to walking around normally again and to get on with my life pain free!

If you're reading this, and like i was a year or 2 ago, trying to make a decision - please please don't make the mistake i did by putting it off. Yes Kidney removal is a major operation - yes you will be sore for a week. But its nothing compared to the sudden and unexpected, uncontrolled pain caused by Kidney Infections.

I've also found myself with more energy and generally a better bill of health since having this operation nearly 3 months ago.

Having this operation offered to you is a fantastic opportunity - take it up and make the best decision you possibly could - and look forward to saying goodbye to kidney infections!
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replied April 20th, 2010
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Good luck to you and thanks for the wonderful post...Take care...

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replied May 1st, 2010
for me opposite, but hopely soon better.
My left kidney only worked 6% so i had to get it removed because it produced hormones that caused my blood pressure to rise VERY high! I had the surgery in oct. of 09 and I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT IT IS SOOOO DIFFERENT LIVING WITH ONE KIDNEY!!!! -i can''t do as much activities
-the right one hurts alot!
-my menstrual periods hurt like nothing before
-every time i stand up everything turns black in my eyes and then gets back to normal.
those are just a few things i experience living with one kidney! those things have never happened to me before the nephrectomy.

i am 16, this would never had happened if doctors took one single UTI seriously. when i was 2, urinary tract infection scarred my left kidney and i found out that it was the size of a 2 month year old baby when i was 15.
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