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Kidney problem show up on urine & blood tests?

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Ok so this might be quite long.....

I am currently aborad and am not feeling 100% Before I left to come here I went to my doctors with back pain and stomach pains. He did several blood tests and a urine test and everything came back normal. He told me if I still had the back pains he would send me to a physiotherapist when I get home. He made me do some excericese and the pain was worse in certain positions.

All my symptoms went away until my second week here in Portugal and then I strarted to have back pain again and mild tummy pains. I have convinced myself that it is kidney trouble and I don't really know why, my blood pressure is normal. When I come away I normally get stressed and upset very easily becasue I am away from m wonderful maybe my stress is just causing my syptoms? Also I was in france for 7 motnhs and had similar problems there and then when I went home they all went away until the week before I was coming away again.

Also I didn't have any other symptoms until I read a list of symptoms on the perhaps I am just imaganing or being psychsommatic! I am also swinging between being constipated and having dirroreah, which is a sign of irratable bowel syndrome, as can be back pain and stomach cramps.....IBS is also made worse by stress...which i clearly am.

I am 21, femall...always been history of kidney problems in family. I will be going home in 2 i can easily see a doctor then if i need to.

Would a KIDNEY problem have shown up on my urine and blood tests? Am I just being a paranoid hypochondriac? Could I have IBS?
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replied June 26th, 2009
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When there is a kidney infection going on, the urine tests and/or blood tests should be positive for certain bacteria.
Along with abdominal pain and back pain, kidney infection attack is accompanied with fever at least lasting for 2 days, shivering, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, frequent urination, painful urination, cloudy urine, blood in urine, urine with strange odor, sweating, weakness, and pains all over the body.
My opinion is that you are having only a IBS case.
Besides, lower abdominal pains and altered bowel movements, IBS is manifested also with back pain, difficulties with digestion food, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, sexual dysfunction (including painful intercourse and poor libido), and urinary frequency and urgency.
You may notice worsening of this symptoms in your premenstrual period, during stress and when eating certain foods.

Best wishes!
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