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Kidney failure; types, how to prevent and manage renal failure.

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Renal failure is the incapacitation of the kidneys resulting in the sudden decrease of the filtration rate.

This alters the production of urine and the excretion of waste materials from the body. Kidney failure results in an increase of nitrogenous products in the blood. As you know, filtration of waste materials is done in the kidneys. Kidney failure can be chronic or acute.

Types of acute kidney failure.

They are pre renal, post renal also referred to as obstructive renal failure and there is perechymatous failure.

Pre renal kidney failure is caused by several diseases that include myocardial infractions, congestive heart failure, malnutrition, pancreatitis, hemorrhage, diuretics, diarrhea and vasodilatation.

Perechymatous acute renal failure is caused by small blood vessels deteriorated by atherosclerosis. It is also caused by nephritis and septic absorption.

Nephritis is the inflammation of the kidney tissues. It is one of the main risk factors of kidney failure. It causes protein loss through the urine.

Obstructive kidney failure is caused by malignant diseases and infections. Neurological bladder and drug and substance abuse also lead to the development of post renal acute failure.

There are several stages of kidney failure. In the onset of its development, enema, the retention of fluids in the tissues, occurs together with scanty urine disposition. In its much developed stages, renal failure may require dialysis.

Kidney failure has major effects on your body's nutrition. The development of renal failure also depends on what nutrients such as minerals are in your body.

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replied July 20th, 2012
Renal Failure Nurse Care and Treatment
Nursing care plays a very important role in managing Renal Failure. It can reduce the incidence of complications and slow down progression of the disease.
Expect nursing care, early treatment is very importment for patients of renal failure. While is there alternative treatment for renal failure instead of dialysis or kidney transplant.
Since knowing the disadvantages of kidney transplant, most people have been seeking a new option to treat renal failure or ESRD effectively. Fortunatly, stem cell therapy has been worked out to treat kidney disease with a magical effect. Stem Cell Therapy Is a New Option for Renal Failure Treatment Instead of Kidney Transplant.
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