My mother who is 84 was diagnosed with kidney failure a few years ago.
Over the past year or so, she has been having dry heaves, totally parched with thirst, awakens with night sweats. Her eating habits are just about non existent and of course this has caused massive weight loss.
Recently she has been vomiting, today it happened in the car, very yellow, almost bile like, it happened a couple days ago also. Because I don't live with my mother I have no idea how often this happens in her home. Whenever I phone her she is always cheery, when I ask how she is, it's always the same response,'I'm fine etc' She has never been one to complain.

I took her to her Dr just over a week ago, because of the sickness, a blood test was done but no results as of yet. I'm unsure what will happen next. She does go to the hospital renal clinic twice a year, but seeing her like this is just awful.
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replied February 12th, 2013
You should take responsibilities of your mother.You have gone to doctors and clinic and don't find something special.Night sweats is a normal in that age and it is not very harmful but vomiting can.
You have told that your mother has kidney failure problem..please tell something about it.
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