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hey guys,

i recently went for a ct scan for some swollen lymph nodes, but turns out they were fine, however, the radiologist discovered kidney cysts in both of my kidneys and possibly some cysts in my liver, leading to the posiblity of polycystic kidney disease, he said it was very rare for someone as young as me to have them, as im 17 years old, the only good news he said was they are relatively small.

i have a few questions and would appreciate any answers.

1. Does anyone know what age the cysts will be likely to start causing me problems at? at the moment they are there but not big enough to be causing damage.

2. Does anyone know of or believe in anything to help prevent cysts forming and growing?

3. Is it hard to find someone with a genetic match for a kidney? I have no brothers or sisters.. only cousins.

4. does anyone know if cysts can be caused from anything apart from this disease?

thanks for all help, God bless everyone.
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replied February 5th, 2010
since about the age of 11, I've had cysts. Unfortunately for me, they've caused terrible pains, and I actually had to have surgery on my kidney to have them removed. I'm now almost 22, and my cysts are back, causing the same pain, if not worse. Apparently mine are too small to operate on, but yet the pain never lightens up.
I'm not sure if yours cause pain or not? Normally, people live their entire lives without knowing they have cysts. In fact, most people DO have them. If they're not causing you problems now, then remember to breathe and relax. You're young, so make sure you live your life that way. The best way to prevent the worsening of your cysts, is to not drink alcohol, as kidneys and the liver are the first things alcohol will conflict with. It's not a definite age when the cysts will start causing problems, you could just be one of the many that lives with them, and didn't know until you had a CT done.
Don't worry about genetic matches for kidneys yet. I know it's hard not to worry, I worry on a day to day basis what's going to happen with mine. It could be genetic reasons as to why you even have the cysts, or maybe you have had a few UTI's in your life?
Coming from a person who knows how you feel, all I can really tell you is to take it easy with physical activity, as you could rupture them and cause infection throughout them.
I promise you'll be okay, don't stress yourself out.
I hope the best for you.
Much love.
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replied February 6th, 2010
thanks a lot for your help,

im a bit gutted by the physical activity thing, i train at the gym 3 times a week...

ive never had a urine infection and have never felt pain in my kidneys... i would never of known if i didnt go for a CT scan for swollen lymph nodes.

i never ever drink, but do you know if smoking affects your kidney?

thanks a lot for help... i wish you the best of luck with your situation, hopefully as time goes on we will have new ways to deal with the cysts.

God bless
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