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kidney-complex cyst & unidentified mass

We go to see the consultant next Thursday for results. It's my mom, she's 76. She had a scan in dec 2009 which showed a complex cyst and unidentified mass. She's just had an ultrasound last week and gets the results next thursday. She only told me about this yesterday. I don't even think she understood what it meant. I got back from her place tonight and I've been googling like mad. Nothing I've read/found gives me any hope. The 'mass' is likely to be a cancerous tumour. The complex cyst can become one. I think she's going to die. She's 76 so they can't/won't operate. I'm just typing this crying. I know no one can tell me anything specific. Like I said we see the consultant next thursday. I just needed to type it out - say what I'm thinking. Can anyone tell me there is even the possibility this isn't as bad as I think it is ?
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First Helper Helentony

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replied August 17th, 2011
Hi helentony i just came across your post and was wondering how things have gone with r mam in the last year?? i was also diagnosed with a complex cyst on left kidney i'm having an operation next month. I'm 28 so it's a scary time.

I hope ye are all doin ok. yee are in my prayers.
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replied August 30th, 2013
having a ultr sound Tuesday for a cyct they found 3 cm on left breast and im scared its on Thursday im going to get a biopsy on my left kidney for a mass in left kidney im scared
did anyone have this .I didn't no the 3 cm is that bad and grew and the mass on kidney in 1.5 it was 1.2 from 13 years ago could it be cancer
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