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10% of men experience erectile dyfunction. When does a penis become erect? And what is ED? Start here for ED basics....
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Ok so im 20 years old, I smoke ciggarettes, and I may have an anxiety problem. Every time I try to have sex with a girl, I can never get my penis hard enough to penetrate. I have no problem jacking off, but I started testing myself, and 15 seconds after i stop rubbing my junk, my penis goes limp, then back to regular in a minute. Is this normal? Do I just need to focus more on this to keep it hard?

Alcohol has been involved almost every time I have been attempting sexual intercourse.
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replied January 12th, 2010
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If you can become erect reliably for masturbation it's not ED. Alsmot certainly it's performance anxiety. It's pretty common for guys with anxiety disorders to have problems similar to what you're describing. Talk to a psychiatrist about your anxiety and specifically about your performance setbacks.

Smoking will however eventually become a very real problem for your ability to become erect, as well as all kind of other health issues. The sooner you can stop that the better your life will be.
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