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keep foreskin back without circumcision

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I'm wanting to be circumcised but don't want to have an operation. Is there a way to keep the foreskin back? Would it lose sensitivity if I did this, and would there be any way to get the sensitivity back? I like the look and feel of the exposed glans, and would like the head of my penis to look circumcised. Thanks.
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replied February 21st, 2010
foreskin and circumcision
Just go and get circumcised! I was circ' as an adult for cosmetic reasons- looks and feels great. My wife loves it as it's cleaner and looks great. 'Go and get cut!'
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replied March 5th, 2010
I don't think what you want can be achieved without an operation. If your glans are left exposed you will certainly lose sensitivity over time and this would be to some extent permanent. Also circumcision is not readily reversable so you must think carefully. Plus it is not without risks. I strongly reccommend that you do not get circumsized, foreskin is supposed to be there and protects the glans and aids with intercourse. Stay natural dude. I'm pretty sure you'll regret a circumcision if you go through with it. Oh yeah btw being circumsised makes masturbation much more difficult too. Hope this helped Smile
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replied June 17th, 2010
penis foreskin retraction
You can do this with a ponytail tie, if it is not too tight. I had the same problem, and found some from scunci that come 28 in a pack for around $2.00. Retract the foreskin, double the tie over itself, and put it behind the ridge of foreskin. After a time the skin will conceal the tie almost all the time, because these are a small diameter. Good luck!
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replied October 16th, 2010
I started keeping my foreskin retracted all the time about 4 months ago and still keep it that way. I actually like it because it seems like it stays cleaner. It felt weird the first couple of weeks but now it feels normal.

I think I may have lost a little bit of sensitivity but that's OK because I always came too quickly anyway. Think about it: most men are uncircumcised and you hardly ever hear of them not being able to cum.

If you can't keep your foreskin back, make sure you've pulled it totally away from the head of your penis. You're born with skin that holds the foreskin to the head and that skin usually breaks after you have sex a few times (if she's tight enough) or you can just do it yourself. You should be able to pull the foreskin about half way down your shaft when it's soft.
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replied October 23rd, 2017

There's is a reason why males are born with foreskin as there's are reasons behind every parts of out body.

This is coming from my own experience.

I never did a operation but since I was young, my mom had always told me to pull my foreskin back when I'm having a shower or when ever I'm washing my penis for hygiene reasons.

But since intermediate, I wanted my penis to look circumcised like other males but obviously was scared and didn't wanted to get an operation done.

So I tried pulling my foreskin back to have it retracted (like fizix611 had said above) every time when ever and where ever I could by putting my hand in the pocket (to hiddenly do it) so it stays retracted.

It felt too sensitive at first but slowly I enjoyed that sensitivity as it kept me horny and more and more having my penis retracted felt normal and most importantly, as time went by, my penis started to stay retracted longer and longer.
First even when it's not retracted, I could see tip of my penis's head exposed and in about a year time (can't remember exactly how long it took since it's been too long) I think,.. it started to stay retracted and most importantly, now my penis stays retracted ALL THE TIME without my having to pull my foreskin back.. in fact, I can't make my foreskin stay fully covered, although I can pull it to fully cover the glans but when I take my hands off, it'll roll back and expose a little more than half of my glans.
When my penis is cold and soft, my foreskin it'll only cover half 2/3 of my glans and as we all know that bottom part and the lower part of the glans is the most the most sensitive part of the penise more than the tip of the penise and tip of the penise is the part that actually needs to be retracted as that's where we piss out from and the main reason why people get their penis circumcised.
So there's absolutely NO reason for me to get an operation done (said by a doctor), rather stupid if I do because then I'll lose the sensitivity on the part that's most sexually sensitive part in my body.

So it's better for me and to who ever what's sucking, penetrating and especially when jerking or receiving a handjob as no lubes and oils are needed (although it does always helps) as my penis can be held with hand or hands like a car handle and can simply stroke it up and down without hurting it or feeling dry.
So basically my pulled back foreskin rolls up and down real smoothly.
Until now as I'm 32 years old, NOT ONE (not to brag but... when it comes to having sex with many females, yes I have been around...) I mean NOT ONE person had complained about my penis or thought it was weird shaped but they love it and pretty much all of them never knew I never got my penis circumcised, they rather
think my penis looks perfectly shaped (when it's not fully shrunk version haha).

I'm not sure it's because I didn't get my penis circumcised but my penis had always been bigger and longer than average guys and I believe it's because when your muscle to grows (penis is pretty much all muscle ) your flesh will be stretching at the same time, but if you flesh is too tight, it'll take longer and it'll be harder for your muscles to grow.
That's why it's much harder for a skinny person to grow big muscles than a fat person, so basically if you have foreskin, it's got more room for your penis to grow bigger and fatter but then again, this is purely what I think for my penis is bigger than average... or may be the reason my penis can stay retracted is because my penis outgrew my foreskin?? or because I heard every part of our body has memories that'll remember things so my foreskin remembers to stay opened?? ...well my to be honest, I don't know the actual reason.....

But I know that it had worked for me and still is and for me, having a penis that's 'natural circumcised' (?) is awesome and I do believe it's the best way.


- Try to keep your penis retracted all the time

*Benefits of having a natural circumcised penis*

- your glans is not too sensitive for a longer sexual fun
- the part that needs to be sensitive, stays sensitive
- don't have to get a painful operation done
- stays clean
- gives you extra thickness and may help your penis
to grow bigger and longer
- better, easier for you or who ever to jerk your penis
- gives extra sensation to both you and who ever is giving you a BJs and during penetration
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