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Juvenile Arthritis, Enbrel?

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- First off al I can I say a bit about my disease..
about 3 years now I have had Juvenile Arthritis and Psoriatic arthritis, First the doctors don`t understand what was wrong but since my left knee was twice as large as the right they had to drain my knee There was a lot of fluid in the knee (like gold) and then they nowed it was arthritis this was. So i was put on NSAID, now i have tried nearly all NSAID which is invented. In the start I was very afraid for medecine but my pain was so big, After over one year with NSAIDs whit no effect i was put on a lovdose Prednisone only one day after my second dose I was so good as painfree, Since the Prednisone side effects are so big I just was on it for a few days so I tried MTX (15mg,tablets) I was tired and sick and just can`t do anything many days after the dosis and Folic acidad have no effect, so after i while I get try another nausea tablet the neusea was not so big problem longer but not gone!. 5/6 months after i started with the tablets my pain was not gone so they put me on injections insted (ebetrex, 20mg) The side effects was no longer a so big problem, but I am sick almost every day but not so much but even now some monthes later I still have pain.. Im in pain every hour and every minute 365 days a year!
Sometimes i cannot even walk, go to school or what i want to its hard to not be like anyone else..

On wednesday Im going to the docter . She told me if not the medecine had worket in next time I see here I will be put on Enbrel (injections)
- Anyone who has any experience with this medication?
-but there is no guarantee that it will be Enbrel, it might be a different type medication some medication recommended to take up?

Im also have asthma..
I have arhritis in all my joints, type polyartikular ( or something like that!)

I am terrified of needles, I can almost vomit just at look at it and I cry everytime is time for a new dose of medication...
- There Enbrel in tablet form?
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