Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I am writing this following the recent death of my son Richard Pugh Age 26 whom passed away on Nov. 29, 2008. Back in late May or early June, my son starting having bad stomach pain, constipation, and bleeding from the rectum . He went to Spohn Memorial and they sent him home with some laxatives. A week later he still was having the same symptoms so I told him to go back to Spohn and again they sent him home telling him to take more laxatives. A week later he really was feeling bad so I told him to go to the emergency Room at North Bay Hospital in Aransas and finally they did a cat scan and it was not good. They told him he had a mass in his colon and holes in his liver as I glanced at the two doctors standing there I saw one tell the other that it was cancer, my heart was racing and I asked them to put him in the hospital but they discharged him and made him a appointment at a clinic some 3 weeks later. When we were leaving the nurse their came up to me and gave me the report and told me to take him straight to Spohn Memorial and not to waste any time with it. She said that she was not suppose to give me the report and advice. My son was just exausted from being their for so long. I told my husband to take him the next morning and he did, they told my son since he lived in Portland and was not a Nueces County resident they could not treat him since he did not have Insurance. I was just floored by the injustice that was happening to my son. He went to Dr. Mobley whom was the only one whom seemed concerned but I guess his hands were tied to. My son got frustrated and left and went to see his ex-girlfriend and by the time he made it their they took him straight to the emergency room and they admitted him immediately and confirmed that he had colon cancer and it had spread to his liver. He had the fastest growing cancer their was. They did surgery and removed the mass from his colon and starting doing Chemo when he got well enough. They told him that the Chemo was working . They did not hesitate when he came into the hospital and got him on Medicaid and started disability as soon as he arrived . He then decided to go to Vicksburg and had another chemo treatment in Mississippi and this time it made him so sick he was hospitalized again with more bad news the cancer was spreading to his abdomen and his vertebrae his body just swelled with fluid they finally let him go home basically to die. My son died on November 29, 2008 I believe that if Spohn Memorial had taken action the first time he was their then maybe he would have had a better chance of making it. My questions are why did they not treat him, why, I am just so angry with the health system and the concern that a doctor has to a patient that knew that every second, every minute of every day was crucial to his survival. I’m angry that it is so hard for a typical person cannot afford health insurance. My son touched many lives in South Carolina and Mississippi the doctors, nurses, on down to the janitor And as I sat their watching my son die I just wondered if Spohn Memorial and North Bay Hospital had taken action immediately would he still be here. Is’nt it a doctors duty to do everything possible to save a patient well I believe they failed miserably and shame on them. It cost me about 20,000 dollars to be with my son . ..An angry mom.

Regina Gallaugher
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replied January 1st, 2009
Dear Regina,
I am so sorry to hear your story about your son! It is true how easy doctors tell you not to worry about the symptoms and brush it off as either IBS or hemmoroids. It took me 3 years complaining before I finally got a colonoscopy 2 days ago. No official results yet...

I have no words for your loss and totally understand how frustrating it must have been and how angry you are. Again thank you for posting about your son and hopefully people will learn from it by talking to their doctors more and be persistent on getting things checked out!
God bless you
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