I've been battling with all kinds of eating disorders for a few years now.
I've had them all. I'm so sick of food being so controlling over my life.
Counting calories, not eating, over exercising, over eating - purging, over eating - not purging.
Why does this even happen? You can blame the media, magazine, models, males?
I've been educated about what this does to your body and self esteem, yet I still do these things.
I'm sick of the guilt, the depression, the confusion, the expectations, the helplessness.
I want to shake the idea that being "beautiful" is the most important thing in life.
I know this is not the case. Yet - society makes me feel as if I need to do this to myself to be accepted.
To look how thin, to be "perfect".
I look at myself in the mirror and wonder when i'll be happy. I'm trying so hard to quit these bad habbits.
I dont feel like myself anymore.
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replied October 9th, 2013
You are not alone Smile This post was really helpful to me because it's important to me to know that other people struggle. I'm actually crying right now because I never let my self feel overwhelmed by my eating habits (bad or good, starving myself or eating healthy) and sometimes I need to hear that it is human to be overwhelmed, and its human to keep pushing ourselves to what we believe out ideal should be. Just thank you again. I'm still struggling but everyday I regain some confidence and move my eating habits towards more normal goals. I guess I needed to vent too. You/re not alone!
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