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Just out of school and Single..

Howdy, everyone! tiphat

I'm Steven and I recently moved in with my best friend in Austin tx.
He has this great girl friend that always cooks for us and they are always going out on dates.. I feel like a 3rd weal.

A little about my self:
I am 6ft. 204 pounds (mostly muscle) I was in foot ball all my high school life.. A lot of girls always told me I was very attractive and I had sexy lips etc.. I'm half Cuban half Italian.. (Ye I know rare mix).. I'm very sweet to my girls and very romantic..

I had a horrible relationship about 6 months ago..
I mean horrible... every time I see a picture of her or hear something about her I get sick to my stomach and I can't stand it..
I never knew you could literily get sick over a picture of some one..

I never had parents growing up and didn't really have the "love" I needed.
My ex always told me I had no feelings and was emotionless. I think its cuz I didn't have feelings for her.. Cuz I have felt love for others before..

I'm in Austin now and I'm looking for a girl.. I have no idea how to go about it tho lol I know nobody here! other then my best friend and his girl..

What should I do? Where should I start? and anyone have any relationship advice for me? Cool
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replied September 25th, 2008
Hey Steven. Sorry to hear about the absence of your parents when you were growing up. The way we relate to our parents can often determine how we treat lovers and who we take on as lovers.

Good relationships are created and kept when each individual is committed to learning more about themselves and being willing to change. Have you ever thought about seeking help to talk out your last relationship and figure out WHAT YOU WANT? Maybe seeing a psychologist can help make this more clear for you...
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