So I've been having this problem of not feeling hungry for a while, actually since I was born.

I never properly enjoyed food/only maybe enjoyed a certain dish or substance when I was small. If I did not enjoy something, I would not eat it.

But now I have normal meals which are prepared for me everyday. It's very rarely what I like so I never voluntarily eat it. However I feel it's rude to leave food so most of the time I just have to force feed myself. After a certain point I feel I can't take anymore and feel if I force myself with one more spoonful I could vomit. So I have to leave some, in some cases big portions of food which is a huge waste and leave friends houses red faced.

If I tried I could probably skip a whole day without eating but I do crave things like cake and sweets and can still find room for dessert. I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either and I don't just munch on junk food all day long because that's obviously bad for you but sometimes those are the only things I can eat with out feeling slightly sick.

Is it possible that my stomach is too small or I have some eating problem?

Thanks in advance

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replied August 13th, 2010
April 28th, 2010 hmm now is Aug 13 2010, hope you are still online.

If you can still crave for a type of food, you should be normal. But to be unable to enjoy the food other gave, seems like a problem.
my assumption on your being force eating habit would be, 'you have not had the need to starve?'

Try to go somewhere independent, and eat only when you feel hungry. If the conclusion are the follow:
1)feel hungry after 6 hours or more
-you are normal. Your body just learned to not like to be force to eat.
2)not feel hungry for a day
-you could be normal. Because your body is use to being fed when not hungry, you have extra energy to burn out before getting hungry.
3)not feel hungry for 2 days
-your body had a problem, but I can't say it being a disorder or psychological effects on force eating.try to change it before it's too late to change it. (go to doctor, habit change,etc.)

someone who 'had' to starve to live
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replied August 17th, 2010
Tbh I'm really sorry but I don't think that is a good idea, because if there is an eating disorder problem there then not eating for a long period of time, even just once, is going to make things a million times worse, and could be very, very dangerous. You may very well have an EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified)- these include being scared of certain foods, having a fright of eating, and wierd eating habbits.
Hope this helps,
Please let me know how yo get on
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