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Just need to get this out really

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My whole life revolves around my depression sometimes i feel ok but the majority of the time i feel awful! I've had the anti depressants and the counselling but nothing has ever worked. I'm mega paranoid and stress out about EVERYTHING. My life has gone from being bad at 13years of age to worse now at 25 years of age. Everything is such a flaming mess. Everywhere i turn there is something bad happening. But oddly enough everyone always looks to me as being 'the strong one'. They come to me for help, advice and support and i think i'm good at doing that.
but when it comes to me nobody ever wants to listen. if i'm sad all i get is 'whats up with you' nobody ever asks how i am. i'm desperately sad and lonely and have no one to turn to. I'm so sick and tired of living like this Sad
No need to reply i just wanted to get it out in the hope that it might help me in some way.
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