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just need to get this off my chest

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i am nineteen years old. i have a daughter and a son. i am married to my highschool sweetheart. my life looks like a fairy tale from the outside but i feel trapped and like i am sinking. i am a stay at home mom and dont feel appreciated. i am currently pregnant with my third child and honestly i feel like killing myself sometimes. i love my children but i feel like i am suffocating. im scared to talk to a therapist about it because my sister saw a therapist who put her on some pills. when he took her off the pills (without weening her) she went crazy. we found her under her bed screaming at spiders that werent there. i dont want pills i just want a way out of this feeling. i am never good enough for him. i just want my happiness back.
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replied May 10th, 2009
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I understand how you feel!
wow, that is a lot of responsibility at your age. Have you been able to talk to your husband about this, because unless i'm missing something he's part responsible for your pressures? how is he about it all? You need to have some self worth you are a MOM ! that is the most important job in the world & you should know that Mom's with young children are the most important of people, unfortunately it is some times the most taken for granted position in the world & highly underpaid, but you do it because of the love.
I assume that being a busy Mom that you probably aren't getting the balance of nutrition in your system & this is important for both your children & you, & has life long remifications for both if left unbalanced.I also believe you would feel better if some important nutrients were increased in your diet.
let me know if you are interested & i will try to help you & Your sister if you would like!
God bless.
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replied May 20th, 2009
when i was working i felt a self worth. but i had migraine headaches, and always depressed. now i m not working i dont get headaches and i feel depressed b/c i dont feel a self worth.

you probably feel that way b/c your always at home. you should talk to your husband and tell him how you feel. some men dont know how to express themselves. im sure he's not doing it on purpose.
i also recordmend you start doing something for yourself that will make you feel good. and not just let your life be all about taking care of your kids, and your husband.
are you and your husband arguing a lot?
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