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just need some opinions/advice..

Im the type of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, always have. i went through hell in my last relationship and since then have been the type who will just walk away from a guy and tell him off.. i recently started to hang out with this kid i went to high school with but have ran into him a few times at our local bar and all our friends have started to hang out. he's a nice kid, everyone says so.. we started hanging out and he'd say things like you have the best personality, your the type of girl i want to be seen with, i want you around me and my friends etc.. we hung out a few times and talked endlessly.. suddenly it just stopped.. no closure, no understanding nothing just stopped. if i were to text him he'd respond and be nice, but if i brought up hanging out he'd say he couldn't or say yes and just not get back to me or's not like we were really dating so i don't get why i'm so bothered by this whole thing, i'm pretty upset about it and i don't understand why i can't just brush him off... i've asked all my friends and everyones just as confused, he's always said to be blunt with him because thats how he is, but non of this makes sense.... someone please give me an opinion, how can i get over this and why am i stuck, and should i say something to him... i'm to a point where it's starting to bring me down, which is not the type of mentality i've had for a while now.
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replied January 6th, 2013
Extremely eHealthy

Obviously this guy has got under your skin and that isn't surprising when he had been giving you loads of positive signals.

The reason why he suddenly stopped is likely to be the interference of a third person.

Who the third person might be is difficult for me to guess because it could be anyone from a family member suddenly imposing extra duties on him or otherwise interfering with his free time or social life, through one of your ex's gossiping about you to him or perhaps he has met someone else and hasn't told you in order to keep his options open.

It might even be something you said during conversation that he has misunderstood.

You say he is known for being forthright so why not go and pin him down and ask him straight out?

Good luck!
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