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Just a question in regards to the controlled meds I'm on

I had to go get some of my prescriptions filled today at the same time I had had to get a fill of percocet which is schedule II due to a clinical trial surgery for my seizures a few days ago. I am also on Vyvanse which is schedule II, Ambien, Xanax, and Ativan which are all Schedule III and soon will be starting on Vimpat which is Schedule V even though many are not aware of that. I kind of worried that it would look bad picking up a narcotic, a stimulant, and 3 sedative medications at the same time, and really think it will look bad when I have to add on the Vimpat, especially considering that I am on double the regular dosage of ambien.

There is a reason for each of these meds and all of them basically stem to the problem involving my epilepsy, some are just rescue medications or for emergencies such as the Ativan is for status seizures, Xanax for panic attacks and the Painkillers are just temporary until my head heals, although I did have to get a bottle of 60 which to me seems like alot. Luckily my specialists are well aware that I am not a drug seeker and know that I avoid taking anything unless it is necessary. I only speak with 2 doctors for scripts, the epileptologist and the psychiatrist who maintain communication together.

I know many may wonder why I am on so many sedatives, but they are not used at the same time and each for different reasons. I also avoid them unless necessary and log when I have to take them for personal reasons as I prefer the doctors to know. Along with that, many say that amphetamines lower seizure threshold, but the truth is that is rarer than benadryl or tramadol causing it and I have no trouble with it at all. All of these meds are due to having seizures for 30 years that are refractory and nonsurgical and the aeds only reduce the amount of times they generalize.

My question though, is I was wondering if there is actually a limit to the number of schedule drugs a person can be prescribed at the same time, and am really wondering because the next meds I may have to switch to phenobarbitol if I continue to have issues with the seizures
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replied October 2nd, 2011
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There is no limit on the number of control medicine prescriptions that you can get at one time. However, as you are well aware, you should stick with just one pharmacy.

Also, get only your controlled prescriptions from those two physician. Any time you increase the number of doctors and pharmacies involved, you run the risk of being labeled as a "doctor shopper" or drug seeker.

So, to make it easiest on you, stick with just on pharmacy. Let them get to know you really well and you shouldn't have any problems. If you do, as sometimes, pharmacy techs get a hair and take it upon themselves to a pain in your behind, make them call your physicians if they start to get an attitude. You don't have to explain yourself, nor your conditions, that is part of HIPAA and your privacy. Make them talk to your physician.

Hope you do well with your conditions. Good luck.

Oh, just a note, Ativan, Xanax, and Ambien are actually Schedule IV mediciations.
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replied October 2nd, 2011
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Yes, that was a typo about the ativan, ambien and xanax, my mind slipped for some reason. I appreciate the info. As far as my schedule meds I get them all from the pharmacy that is at the mental health center since it is cheapest and closest, although on a rare occurence I have had to have the ambien transferred to another as they were out of stock.

Every single med I am on is prescribed by either the epilepsy center or by the psych, and on one occasion the neurosurgeon as he performed the surgery, so all of my scripts come from specialists.

The only other times I use other pharmacies is for my regular AED meds such as depakote, gabitril, keppra, and trileptal as for some reason even in a city of 25,000 I seem to be the only person on them, plus when voc rehab has assisted in the cost they require me to use the pharmacy that they have an account with.

The big reason for the question was that after leaving an appointment I felt kind of odd going into the pharmacy with that many scripts although they didn't think twice at all.
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