I''ve got tiny bugs in my bed, biting me. This is new. I just got up out of the bed to look for information on what they might be, and I can''t figure it out. The bite stings sharply, enough to wake me up. I caught one of them, and it was pretty well minuscule.

My bed is just a mattress on the floor, which is probably a problem.

I am living in the Philippines, where things are not exactly sanitary. The bugs could have crawled in from a neighboring apartment, or come in on the sheets from the laundromat, or came in in the clothes/bag of one of the few guests I have had since I moved into the apartment a couple weeks ago.

The bug does jump. There is no itching where they bit me, yet, nor any visible mark.

There are also small ants in my bed, which occasionally bite me, but I can feel them crawling on me, and this tiny jumping bugger I caught was certainly no ant.

I am very afraid of pesticides. I am hoping there is no infestation, and that maybe if I deal with this quickly, I will not end up with a major issue. Luckily, I have not yet furnished the apartment, so the mattress is the only piece of furniture which could be infested.

I have lived in similar style apartments in the Philippines, and lived in a bunch of pretty dingy hotels, and I have never experienced being bitten in bed by anything other than mosquitoes, ants and the occasional spider.

My apartment is on the forth floor, so there are no mosquitoes, and I have only found one roach in the two weeks I have been living there.

It is the middle of the night so I have not yet gone to talk to the neighbors about whether they are experiencing this.


What kind of bug does this sound like?


What should I do?

Thank you in advance...
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replied March 9th, 2011
what kind of bug bit you
could be fleas could be a bed bug not really sure. need more description.
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