my daughter is 22 yrs old, and she came home from work complaining that she thought she had jammed her toe, and then it started in her knees, and her fingers , and itch welps started popping up all over her body. She is under stress, she has been under stress before but never had anything like this. I have searched differed sites even web md but have not found anything that could help. As far as she knows there has not been any changes in her food or cleaners, no new meds. PLEASE HELP thank you tricia
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replied May 6th, 2009
Does the rash look anything like a bull's eye? If so, she could have Lyme disease. Two of the symptoms are rash and joint pain. Check and see if you live in an area where this is a problem.

If it is not Lyme disease:
There are posts all over the web with people who have similar symptoms. None of them seem to know the answer to their problem but medical advisors on all the sites say the same thing: if her health does not improve, she may need to see a neurologist or rheumatologist.
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