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joint above the fusion is breaking down

I have degenerative spinal condition. I had a bilateral lumbar spinal fusion with instrumentation for spondylisthesis and have a sacralised S1.

I have been suffering considerable problems of late. I struggle to stand or lean for any length of time because of the pain and also have lower lumbar pain in L5/S1 that conflicts with the feeling of a full bladder (I dont know when I need to go!). I understand that the next joint above the fusion is breaking down and I will probably need another fusion. However I am told this will not ease the pain. I have extensive osteoarthritis of the facet joints as well as in my hips.

I am starting a new advisory teaching job in September and run my own business. I am concerned that I will not be able to continue in either role since both require standing and stooping for long periods. I walk with a stick for most of the time.

Any advice

Mr P. rainbow Gatty
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replied April 7th, 2012
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Peter, I had a partial discectomy/laminectomy in 2000. Then I re ruptured in 2011. My Dr told me to either alter my lifestyle or I was setting myself up for repeated surgeries the rest of my life.

At 50 I realize that is tough to do, but I find it preferable to repeat surgeries.

Would it be possible for you to find some kind of lightweight stool to carry with you?

If you want to keep your job you probably have to adapt . I am putting air ride seats in my tractors. I am putting a winch in my pickup. Luckily I am not alone and can pass some of the heavy lifting off to others. Some of the jobs I used to do I will end up hiring out.
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