I have little zit like spots all over my inner thigh, I think it might be jock itch but i am not sure. It itches a lot, and it is spreading to my groin, i put vinegar on it and it burns a lot, it is red and it burns sometimes. Any suggestions?
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replied July 5th, 2011
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could be fungus and antifungals like for athletes foot should work, there r 3 different ones, u need to look closely at the active ingredient on the back to differentiate.
also use medicated powders
wash and dry 2 or 3 times daily, keep dry and only clean clothes
herpes looks like small clusters with clear fluid in them, they break, scab over for this u need Dr and antivirals
so if the antifungals don't work u will need a clinic or Dr. but if it is jock itch which is basically the same as athletes foot it does take time
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