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Jobs for schizophrenics ?

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replied November 15th, 2010
I am schizophrenic too! I firmly believe that its possible to do well even with the disease.... cause I am doing pretty well (example .. programming contests etc). But you have to start finding your inner problems that stops you. And the biggest problem is "a person with this disease cant do this". Best thing for us is only hallucination is the problem... cause only that causes other symptoms like wierd thoughts.. and i assume that you are aware you are schizophrenic. So there is actually only ONE symptom (which is hallucination) and its no big deal if you know to ignore it and even better if you don't have it now if taking medicine. Other symptoms are like caused by hallucination only.
Now think of all the things that you were passionate about and is still passionate about before and after diagnosis. Follow them.. i tel you go for them. You will take time and most probably have lost a lot of time.. don't worry cause you have a VALID REASON for loosing time. Now if you are not following your dreams and aspirations due to the disorder ... start from the time you read this post. Be passionate cause you get only one life and no one has the right to interfere in it ... live to the fullest. Do what you always wanted to.... and what job(?!) you will become so godly in the skills that you wont be rejected in the interview even if the interviewer knew you had that problem.. cause i got selected in 3 interviews.. and in one of them (web developer) I told them that i have a mental illness...still they wanted me.. my placement coordinator didnt want to me to join that cause i got another better one and i joined!!!! Now i am planning for higher studies...and get into computer research... dont worry this is a minor problem.. people can face even bigger problems (think like that)!!
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