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Jaw/teeth algnment, plz hlp me make a decision!

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Hi everyone.

Im going to start by giving you all a rundown of my dental history. When I was 12 I had four theeth removed from my top jaw, and one of those gummy braces fitted to the soft palet that is removable. Now since I was 16 (now 22) I have been going to a general dentistry every 12 months, and they always say my teeth are perfect. A so called friend not long ago then commented that my teeth are out of line, and that I have a weak chin, this burnt me a little bit and I would correct him by saying I go to the dentist regularly and they say I have no problems. I decided to book myself privately with an orthodontist (£50 consultation as I wouldnt have got a referal!).

The orthodontist said I have a root canal that hasnt come through but may try to do so in years to come even though there is no space, were talking about a fang over an inch long lying horizontally and it appears that it has already started to push one teeth into a funny position (see pic) narlsberry11/P3230992-1.jpg

They x rayed my jaw, and I gave concern to my overbite, and was told I have an average overbite and that it is nothing to worry about, what is an average overbite!?

Any way I was offered braces for 3k, to align the jaw, at this point I assumed he just meant to straighten the teeth. In the meantime they sent a letter to the hospital for an operation I need involving the root canal extraction.

After this scenario I tried to get a consultation with a maxilo facial surgeon (ive done my research and know how they often do a better job than an orthodntist), they have agreed to see me if I can get a referal from GP or dentist. As soon as I rang my GP they cut me off as a time waster and told me to get a ref from a dentist (yea dont worry ive changed my gp surgery recently too for various reasons).

I rang my original dentistry and they said we only give referals to maxilo facial surgeon for emergency's and if im not feeling any pain "right now" then I cant get a ref, the lady on the phone tried to tell me my complaints were cosmetic.

I came away confused, I knew one thing was for certain that I needed to change my general dentistry, and believe me I couldnt have done it fast enough. I went for a free consultation to a more cosmetic orientated dentistry, they said that my bite was almost perfect?! the apointment was free however the xray cost me a lil money, they said my bite was fine then they told me I had a crossbite, and that is probably what the orthodontist offered me braces for, however the orthodontist never actually told me I had a crossbite like this new dentist was telling me.... kinda makes me think braces werent offered to fix the crossbite and is just to straighten teeth and make money...

Since then I have spoken to a retired dentist online, they say that I need to get my root canal done as soon as possible, I empathise with this but im waiting for a letter from the hospital still for the operation, the orthodontist didnt even tell me if the operation cost me so I assume it is free if it is so urgent! I showed him some photos of my crossbite online he said braces can fix this, but it is subtle crossbites that are often worse than major ones as it is not a stable condition.

Now heres the thing... I may be naive, but when I physically line up my crossbite two things happen!:

a1 - two fangs trap one another meaning I cant bite down with the back teeth when it is lined up.
b2 - my left side meets sooner than the right meaning there is a gap anyway where my tongue can almost poke through.

This brought me to another major dilemna the fact that my top jaw is sloping, combine this whole thing with my crossbite, and my root canal, and tell me how in the name of pancakes how my teeth are supposed to be near perfect!!!

The retired dentist I spoke to online said if I dont get my crossbite sorted as well then I suffer with tmj, I already told him my jaw feels tighter on the right hand side when I try and line the teeth up, which concerned him, he basically told me that after braces the final step will probably be "Occlusal equilibration" - as soon as I typed this into google to find out what it was I came across a plethora of people with past such treatment who claim they are worse off now than they were before, as they basically grind your teeth down!! that isnt even going to fix the slant my top row of teeth is on!! I feel I need to see a maxilo facial surgeon but then im no expert, but it seems not even the experts know what they are doing anymore in this day and age!

Ive spent the past month wasting time dgging around over this and I really dont know what to do or where to turn, stuff on the internet is sometimes confusing, can anyone please help me with this ordeal?? I really stressed over this. Sad

Here are some images the first two are of my crossbite narlsberry11/P3230984.jpg narlsberry11/P3230986.jpg

on the next you can see how my bite is in its natural position narlsberry11/P3230991.jpg

the next is what happens when I line up my bite narlsberry11/P3230989.jpg
(note how the left meets sooner thant the right, and the back teeth dont even touch anyway!)
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replied April 19th, 2011
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